Family Game Night

By Sarah Sepe

Picture this: It’s Saturday night, you’ve had a day of relaxation and family time and you don’t want the fun to stop! You open your game closet, and there lie the same three games you’ve had for an eternity. One can only play Candyland and Go Fish so many times before it becomes a chore.

If you want to switch things up, read this list and see what games you could play, and enjoy, with the whole family!


An oldie, but a goodie. This is something the entire family can enjoy – silly drawings, outrageous guesses and lots of laughs are guaranteed when playing this charades-inspired game. Also, it comes with everything you need: a dry-erase board, marker, timer and more.


This game might be for a family with children on the older side, as the box indicates its for ages 12 and up. I was introduced to this family-friendly game while on vacation a few years back, and it has since become one of my favorite things to play when I’m with my family or a few friends.

The game entails picking up a card and one player selecting from five categories (movies, words, people, initials and laws). The player then asks the question connected, and the rest of the players each write down a made-up, but believable answer and hand it to the leader of that round.

Then, all the made-up answers are read along with the REAL answer in a random order. The players must guess which answer is actually correct and moves up on the board for doing so. 

Combining silliness, imagination and critical thinking, this is a game that can be enjoyed at all ages.

5 Second Rule

This party game has players take turns trying to name things in five seconds or less. Designed for ages 10+, this card-game includes a five-second timer, over 280 cards and instructions. 

I’ve played this game many times and it’s really fun seeing people scramble to get everyday words out simply because they’re being timed. This is definitely a game that will have everyone laughing and having a good time!

Not Parent Approved

Don’t be fooled, this game is very much “parent approved.” If you’re a lover of games like Cards Against Humanity and wish your kids could join in on the fun, this game is for you! This is basically the Cards Against Humanity for children.  

The rules are simple: To get started, the players will participate in a burp contest and whoever wins (with a real or fake burp) becomes the Burp Boss – they become the drawer of a blue question card that the rest of the players answer with a red card from their deck.

Whichever card the Burp Boss chooses, wins that round and keeps the blue card as a reward. The role of the Burp Boss rotates clockwise and the game continues!

A night of smiles and belly laughs is guaranteed with any game from this list. I hope your game closet has one more game after reading this.


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