Former #BossMom Hosts Book Signing This Weekend

By Lindsey Johnson

Amazing #BossMom from the October/November 2020 issue is still bossing!

Join Michele Holloway for a signing of her new book “Crush the Box, Create the Space” this Sunday, November 7, 2021 from 3 – 6 p.m. at Depot Park Event Space, located at 201 SE Depot Avenue in Gainesville.

According to her website, Holloway’s new book is described as follows:

“Are you crushing the box to create the space? Or you being crushed into boxes you were never meant to be in?” Within “Crush the Box… Create the Space,” Holloway provides an open invitation to all who are ready and willing [to do the work], to be Box Crushers. Strategically, she proves that anyone can be successful when they stop collecting unnecessary boxes and just start crushing them!”

Holloway also offers courses and coaching in the areas of financial success, decluttering, productivity and more. To learn more about this amazing #BossMom, visit her site at


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