FREE Educational Resources For Your At-Home Student

By Amanda Roland

Need some new ideas for at-home learning? Try out these free educational resources for your kiddos to enjoy while they are cooped up at home!

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems!

Your kids now have a chance to doodle with Mo Willems, the artist of many popular children’s books like “The Pigeon Wants a Puppy”! Join him every weekday at 1 p.m. to doodle and help your kids learn how to be creative! Click here to watch his videos!

Libby, by Onedrive

Libby is a free app that lets you check out and read books from your local library from home, as long as your library is associated with the Libby database. Lucky for us, the Alachua County Library District is on the app! Just download Libby, select your local library and enter your library card to start reading! 


This math program for first through eighth-grade students lets them learn at their own pace. This is a free educational resource with upgrades that you can purchase. Get started with Prodigy to keep your kiddo’s math skills sharp while they are at home. 


Take a break from screen time with some free podcasts that you and your at-home students can listen to make learning fun! Podcasts are free to stream through the podcast app of your choice, such as Spotify, Soundcloud or Apple Podcasts. Here is a list of educational podcasts:

Wow in the World, ages 4+

Story Pirates, ages 4+

Smash Boom Best, ages 4+

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids, all ages

Ear Snacks, 2+

The Past & the Curious, all ages


Make screen time educational! These Youtube channels have great content to teach your children about various subjects without them even realizing that they are learning. Check out the list below:

Cosmic Kids Yoga

This channel teaches your little ones how to practice relaxation and mindfulness through yoga! This is great for the child that seems stressed or overwhelmed while they are at home. 

Smithsonian Channel

This purely education channel is for your curious kids who love history, nature and storytelling! Explore all this channel has to offer with your kiddo; they are sure to find something that piques their interest.

Sesame Street

Did you know that Sesame Street had a YouTube channel? It is filled with videos that will keep your little ones entertained while teaching them valuable skills and ideas.


Best for tweens and teens, TedEd is a great resource for anyone who loves to learn new things. Explore a plethora of content that will challenge the minds of your kids!