Fun – and Nice – April Fools’ Day “Pranks”

By Amanda Roland
april fools

It’s April Fools’ Day! A lot of people love this day because of the fun they can have interacting with their friends! But, since we can’t be around all of our friends right now, here are some fun and nice April Fools’ Day “Pranks” you can do with your kiddos before the day is over!

Call Someone Using a Voice with an Accent

This one is totally harmless and can be very funny. Have your little one call a family member, like grandma or grandpa, and have them use a fake, funny voice. They could pretend to be a British scientist, Bat Man or even just a made up person, but make sure they get into character. This will get a lot of laughs, and of course your family members will love hearing from you in such a funny way.

Make a Meat Loaf Cake Iced With Mashed Potatoes

Moms, can’t get your family to eat meatloaf? Maybe disguising it as a cake will work?… If you make the “cake” look convincing enough, this will make for an amazing prank!

Put “Googly Eyes” on Everything in the Fridge

Put two googly eyes on everything in the fridge using tape or removable adhesive. Imagine your family’s surprise when they see the ketchup and milk staring back at them!

Swap Your Kiddos’ Underwear Out With Dad’s

Take some of dad’s boxers and put them in your kids’ underwear drawers. You are sure to get a lot of “EWWW’s” and “MOMMM’s”.

Try out these fun and nice April Fools’ Day “Pranks” before the day is over to get some good laughs!


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