Gainesville Mayor Says Gainesville Will Continue Stay-at-Home Practices

By Amanda Roland

After a meeting on Tuesday, Alachua County commissioners and Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe confirmed that the city of Gainesville will continue operating under state-wide stay-at-home order.

Despite the fact that other states like Georgia and South Carolina have loosened their stay-at-home guidelines, Poe that a reopening too soon could lead to a second wave of infections.

“Epidemiologists nearly all agree that without a vaccine or other as-yet-unknown protective measures, a sudden return to “normal” would inevitably lead to a second wave of mass infections,” Poe said on Facebook. “Emergency rooms will be over capacity, healthcare workers will be stretched too thin, and we will be back on lockdown.”

According to Poe, there is a possibility that a few non-essential businesses could reopen soon, but until there is a vaccine, large gatherings must be avoided. He believes that these decisions should be made in response to sound evidence, not hunches or emotions.

“None of us have been through this before. It is traumatic. It is inconvenient. It is going to be a challenge that tests our mettle and will eventually bring us closer together,” Poe said. “Keep fighting hard, Gainesville.”

You can read Poe more from Poe in the expert below:

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