Gainesville Memorial Day Events and Activities

By Amanda Roland
memorial day

With Memorial Day weekend approaching, we have put together a list of Gainesville Memorial Day events and activities!

Florida Folk Festival

Friday, May 24 –
Sunday, May 26

10 a.m.
Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park

This three-day event celebrates the music, dance, stories, crafts and food that make Florida the place we love! There will be over 300 performances, jam sessions, workshops, great food and more. Read more.

Teach your family about the holiday

Memorial Day is more than just a day off from school or work. It is about showing respect and remembrance for those who have lost their lives defending our county. While this topic could be heavy for your kiddos, it is an important lesson to teach. Depending on the age of your kids, explain the holiday in a way they will understand, and remind them that it is a day of celebrating and remembering heroes.

Sweet Corn Festival

Saturday, May 25 –
Sunday, May 26

10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Amber Brooke Farms Williston

Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend with u-pick corn, zucchini, squash, sunflowers, zinnias and more. You can also enjoy all-you-can-eat corn, food trucks, corn-themed activities, photo ops, live music and your favorite farm activities. Learn more.

Go to the beach for the day

Pack up beach towels, chairs, beach umbrella, a cooler with food and water, and most importantly, sunscreen!

Make Patriotic fruit salad

In a large bowl, cut up red fruits (like watermelon, strawberries or raspberries), cut up bananas and add in blueberries. In a small bowl, mix together honey, lime juice and a teaspoon of poppy seeds, and pour this mixture all over your fruit. Mix up your fruit salad, and serve as a refreshing treat! Make sure to let the kiddos help, but always supervise children while using a knife.

Memorial Day in Archer

Monday, May 27
Ceremony at Laurel Hill Cemetery – 10 a.m.
Main event at the Archer Community Center – 5 p.m.

This event honors those who gave their lives for our country. At Laurel Hill Cemetery, attendees will receive a small American flag to place on the grave sites of veterans. At the Archer Community Center, there will be food and refreshments. There will be a ceremony and celebration of life at the memorial plaque to honor veterans. Read more.

Write letters

Sit down with your kiddos and write thoughtful letters to those who may have lost someone in the service, who have a family member currently in the service or even to a soldier! Include words of thankfulness, kindness and hope, as this holiday could be hard for a lot for people. After you write your letter, find out the addresses of the recipients, stamp them and send them! This is also a great opportunity to teach your kids how to write and send a letter.

Face painting

This messy activity could create a lot of laughs. Get some non-toxic, washable paint or face paint, and go to town with different patriotic designs on your kiddos! Paint American flags, stars or fireworks. If you are brave, let the kiddos have a turn by painting on mom and dad! Don’t forget to take selfies of your painted faces before you wash it off!

Picnic in the park

This is the perfect Gainesville Memorial Day weekend activity! Get a cooler or picnic basket, and pack a lunch for you and the family. Include things like pre-made sandwiches or wraps, chips or pretzels, fruit salad and juice boxes. Don’t forget napkins, hand sanitizers, wet wipes and bug spray to make sure that your Memorial Day picnic goes on without a hitch.

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