Find Out Which Gainesville Playgrounds Are Reopening This Week

By Amanda Roland
Gainesville Playgrounds Are Reopening

The City of Gainesville announced last week that some Gainesville playgrounds are reopening. The new phase of reopening started last week on October 16 with a few playgrounds reopening, and the remainder of the playgrounds are scheduled to reopen this week on October 23.

City leaders and officials still encourage and recommend the use of masks and social distancing when visiting playgrounds, parks and other facilities, according to the City of Gainesville website.

“A thorough assessment of our community’s readiness has been conducted and we currently meet most published gating criteria established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” according to the blog on the city’s website. “The first step was to ensure that adequate staffing was available to maintain proper sanitation practices and that playground patrons properly adhere to social distancing protocols.”

To find out which Gainesville playgrounds are reopening, click here to view a full list!


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