Get Ready for Summertime with Summer Safety Tips!

By Amanda Roland
summer safety

Summer is really sneaking up on us. Here are some summer safety tips to brush up on before the summer gets here so that you and your kiddos are ready for hot days, summer camps and more!

Summer Safety Tips

Bug Bites

Though they are annoying, most bites from mosquitoes or ants can be treated with an over-the-counter cream or ointment. The best way to prevent the bites is to wear bug spray on a daily basis. If your child is allergic to the bites, seek medical attention immediately.

Bee Stings

If a bee stings your child, scrape the stinger away rather than pulling it out. Pulling out the stinger will only release more venom into the skin.


Instead of listening to myths like using petroleum jelly or a hot match to remove a tick, use simple tweezers instead. Grasp the tick firmly and as close to the skin as possible, then pull the tick’s body back. Don’t worry if the tick’s mouthparts remain in the skin, as the infectious parts have been removed. Cleanse the area of the body with an antiseptic after the removal.


Hours in the sun often cause sunburn, even when sunscreen is used. The best treatment for sunburn is an aloe gel or moisturizer applied directly to the skin. If that’s not available, use a cold, damp compress on the affected area. Make sure your child drinks plenty of water, and if the pain is severe, ibuprofen may help. Be sure to tell your child not to touch the blisters.

Water Safety

When at the beach or pool, always have children swim under the supervision of a lifeguard, and never let a child swim alone. In Florida, water safety is extra important, so enroll your children in swim classes as early as possible so they will always be prepared in case of a water emergency. Life jackets can be helpful, but never rely on them alone for your child’s safety.

If your child has any allergies or medical needs, speak to a nurse upon registering for any camps.


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