Get Your Kids in the Kitchen with ‘Cooking with Pixar’!

By Amanda Roland
cooking with pixar

Looking for an activity that is just as much fun for the parents that is it for the kids? How about cooking food from your favorite Pixar movies? Pixar has a YouTube channel with a “Cooking with Pixar” series that teaches you how to make some of the iconic dishes seen in some beloved Pixar films!

So far, Pixar has three video recipes in its “Cooking with Pixar” series! The first episode teaches you how to make some delicious dumplings from the Pixar Short “Bao.” The second video lets you cook Pizza Planet Pizza with Chef Forky from “Toy Story 4.” Lastly, the most recent video teaches you how to make a birthday cake with the help of Ian and Barley from “Onward!”

Take your kiddos into the kitchen as you have fun making these Pixar culinary creations. Maybe afterward you can watch some Pixar movies on Disney+! 


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