Help Your Kiddos Burn off Afternoon Energy

By Amanda Roland

Kiddos can harbor a lot of excess energy. With school winding down and summertime excitement growing, you know that your children will come home ready to let loose…after they finish their homework of course. So how can you help them burn off energy in a positive way? We’ve got some ideas.

Kiddie Cardio

Incorporating exercises into your kiddo’s routine can be a great way to help them burn off energy. For young kids, including weighted workouts is not necessary as their muscles are still growing and developing on their own. However, cardio is great for getting their heart rate up and the blood flowing! To keep things fun, skip the classic (dare I say boring) styles of cardio like walking or running and try out more exciting options like biking, rollerblading, dancing or swimming. This practice will not only help them get the wiggles out before bed but it will also instill the importance of staying active as they get older.

Family Game Night

How about some mental gymnastics to burn off some energy? Having a family game night with games like Scrabble, Pictionary or Scattergories Junior can be a great way to make them mentally tired. There are a plethora of mentally challenging games for kiddos that you can buy on Amazon. Also, having dedicated family time is always a plus after a long day.

At-Home Scavenger Hunt

This activity takes some work on the parent’s end but it is the perfect way to let the kiddos be energetic on a rainy day. Start by gathering about 10 objects that are easy to hide and a notepad. Hide each object around the house with a note attached to it with clues on how to find the next object. This will keep the kiddos busy for awhile as they get some energy out of their system. Also, if you have multiple kiddos, this will help their communication skills as they work together to find the next object.

Simon Says

This game is perfect for families with multiple kids so they can all play together. I won’t waste time explaining the rules of Simon Says, but this works best if you, the parent, play Simon so that you can call out the commands. Make sure to call out commands that include explosive movements like jumping and stomping so that the kiddos get tired! After you have worn them out a bit, you can let the kiddos take over the role of Simon towards the end of the game. If all goes as planned, your kiddos will be worn out after all the jumping, skipping, stomping and clapping that Simon tells them to do!

  • Teacher Tip: If your kiddos are looking a little restless in class, quick game of Simon Says can be a great way to get your students up and moving for an easy release of energy.

What NOT To Do

Giving your kiddos excess screen time after school or on the weekends will only work against you if you are trying to let them burn off energy. We know that letting your children watch TV or play on an iPad is sometimes unavoidable but setting a daily limit would be beneficial. The less time your child spends behind a screen, the better!


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