Help Your Kiddos Practice Math With Playing Cards

By Amanda Roland
playing cards

Now that the summer is here, it is important that your kiddo doesn’t fall into the “summer slide.” The summer slide refers to the period of time during the summer when many students experience learning loss or loose valuable knowledge that they learned in the year before. This slide could become worse with COVID-19 being a factor and children being out of school for longer. For your kiddo to avoid losing some valuable math skills over the summer, help them practice math with playing cards!

To start:

First, let your kiddo decide which math operation they want to practice: multiplication, division, addition or subtraction. Gather all playing cards except Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces, and lay all the card face down on the table in from of your child. On the count of three, let your kiddo turn over two of the cards, and have them multiply, divide, subtract or add the cards as fast as they can. If they get the answer right, they can remove the cards. If they get it wrong, they have to turn the cards back over for a second chance. Continue doing this until all the cards are turned over! 

To make it harder:

In your hand, gather one Jack, one Queen, one King and one Ace, and assign a math operation to each card (ie. the Queen stands for addition, the King stands for subtraction and so forth). Lay all other cards in front of your kiddo like before. This time, after they turn over two cards, you pick one of your cards randomly to show them which math operation they will be performing. For example, if your child turns over a two and a three, and you pick the Queen from your cards, the child will have to add two and three together. Keep going until your math wizard gets all the math problems correct!

Practice math with playing cards to make learning fun and to avoid the summer-slide. Make this time special for your kiddos by rewarding them for a job well done! 


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