Hopping into Springtime With Easter Activities

By Katie Osterhout

Spring is here and we’re thrilled to welcome blooming gardens, warmer weather, longer days and all the seersucker we can handle. This also means the Easter bunny will be making its rounds! While you work on filling those baskets, try some of these fun ideas for Easter Activities to brighten up your Easter season.


School Surprise

Step up the lunchbox game with a few themed surprises. Build an “Easter Egg Sandwich” by punching out an egg shape with a cookie cutter and drawing egg decorations (lines, waves, dots, etc.) on the bread with edible ink markers. You do have to draw with patience since the bread’s surface is uneven, but the outcome is worth it! This also works well on a quesadilla or wrap. Not into food dye? Use packaging as your canvas and add a bunny face to a cheese stick or build a paper Easter basket around your juice box.

Baby Chick Craft

Crack open this sweet little egg craft made with two 6” paper plates. The chick inside can be made from felt, construction paper or even painted. Use googly eyes, puffy paint or even feathers to decorate the body. Glue the chick to the first (bottom) plate. Cut the second (top) plate in half, creating a “cracked egg” zigzag pattern. Then glue the bottom zigzag half to the chick plate, which will cover the bottom half of your chick. Punch a hole in the top zigzag half and the edge of the bottom plate and use a metal fastener to allow movement of the top half.

Bunny Craft

All you need for this is some cotton balls, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and white and pink paper. Make a white base circle for the head, approximately 6″ in diameter. Cut and tape/glue on the white ears. Add pink inside with more paper or you can color/paint the pink. Fold over one ear to give it some personality then glue down those cotton balls. Once the face is covered in cotton, add a pink nose to top off pipe cleaner whiskers. Googly eyes of any size are the final piece to finish up your Easter bunny.


The sky is the limit on how many spring and Easter themed books you can find at the library. Order online for an easy pick-up or ask your local branch to guide you in finding titles to fit the season.

Table Setup

Pull together your spring decor to set up a festive kids table for this Easter activity. Easter themed paper plates and cups can be found all over or just grab anything with pastels and spring prints. Add bunny ears for the kiddos to put on or even leave out a card or a few jelly beans. Try sticking to a color scheme or theme (e.g., bunnies/carrots or baby chicks/flowers) and use “bunny prints” to lead up to the table.

Hippity Hop

Discovering what the Easter bunny left behind is pretty exciting. Try taking your littles ones down the bunny trail
en route to their goodies. Using paper “bunny prints,” lead them from their rooms, all over the house, to their baskets. Take them under tables, over couches and in circles. Foam bunny paw prints can be found at Hobby Lobby or you can print your own and cut them out. Be sure and save them for next year!

Cottontail Breakfast

This bunny pancake stack is a SUPER easy and incredibly adorable Easter activity. You’ll need a few different sized circles for the head, body and tail, 2 long ovals for the ears and 2 small ovals for the feet. Add banana slices and chocolate chips to the feet and viola! You could try a squirt of whipped cream or a marshmallow for the tail to add more flavors.

Salt Painting

Add new textures to watercolor painting with salt-based shapes. Use white glue to draw your shape (Easter eggs, bunny outline, simple shapes or letters, etc.) then cover with table salt similar to how you would glitter. Give it a few minutes to dry before shaking off the excess. Using watercolor paints (go heavy on the water,) dab on the colors and watch it spread along the salt. Tip: this prep can be a little messy so I recommend using a tray or cookie sheet.

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