Jade vs. Rose Quartz: Pick the Perfect Facial Roller

By Amanda Roland
perfect facial roller

If you have been on Instagram lately, there is a chance you may have come across these things called facial rollers. They are beauty tools with stones at either end of the tool that can be rolled across the face in a “paint-roller” style motion. Some key benefits that you could experience from facial rolling include tighter skin, a brighter complexion, reduced anxiety, improved blood circulation to the face and a decrease in facial puffiness just to name a few, according to Healthline, an online health resource. Overall, facial rollers could be a great addition to any beauty routine. And, unlike a lot of other beauty products, it is a sustainable anti-aging product that doesn’t require you to buy more than one product or use excess plastic packaging. One question you may have is, “How do I pick the right facial roller?” Here, we have a side-by-side comparison of jade rollers vs rose quartz rollers so you can pick the perfect facial roller for you!

Jade facial roller


  • Jade is assumed to be connected with the heart chakra, and experts believe that it can bring balance and harmony to one’s life, according to Well + Good, an online health and wellness resource.
  • Jade rolling promotes blood flow and better circulation in the face, bringing brightness to the skin.
  • Want a roller with de-puffing formula? This might be the perfect facial roller for you: INC.Redible De-Puffing Under Eye Jade Roller, $15 , Sephora
  • Jade has been used in Chinese Medicine for centuries, and experts have found evidence in ancient texts to support the use of jade for evening out complexations, according to Healthline.
  • Jade does not stay cool for very long; however, you can heat up the ends of your jade roller by rubbing the stones in your hands for a couple of seconds. This will slightly warm the stones for a soothing sensation on the skin.

rose quarts facial roller

Rose Quartz:

  • Rose quartz is believed to be the stone of love and connected to the heart chakra. Some believe that certain stones or crystals have “energies” that can be passed on to those who use them, according to Imagine Skincare. With rose quartz being the stone of love, many people believe that using this stone could bring healing, love or romance into one’s life.
  • This stone in particular stays cold for a long time. The coolness of the stone rolling on your skin can be very calming for some and could reduce redness on the face.
  • Rose quartz is known more for its ability to reduce wrinkles on the face, according to BeautyBio, an online beauty and skincare resource.
  • Because of the stone’s composition, it is harder and more durable than Jade and could last longer.


Tips & Tricks When Using Your Roller

  • Put your facial rollers in the fridge overnight for a cool, refreshing facial massage in the morning.
  • Always use your facial roller in an outward motion, rolling away from the inside of your face.
  • Use the small end of your facial roller for small, delicate areas like the skin around your eyes.
  • Apply a dime sized amount of facial lotion, cream, oil or serum to the face before using your facial roller. This will allow the roller to roll over the skin with ease. Also, the roller will help push any skincare products into the skin as you massage your face.


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