Join the New Exclusive Kit Kat® Flavor Club

By Amanda Roland
Kit Kat® Flavor Club

As Halloween approaches, I think it’s safe to say that we are all, parents and kiddos, thinking about candy a little more these days. Well, the people over at The Hershey Company have created something for Kit Kat® lovers to satisfy their sweet tooth: the Kit Kat® Flavor Club.

The Flavor Club is a new exclusive club that allows you to taste test new Kit Kat® flavors before anyone else! Currently, Kit Kat® is looking for 200 fans to join the club, and you or your kiddos can enter for a chance to become a member here.

“Winners will receive three Flavor Club Kits over the course of the year,” according to Kit Kat®. “Each kit will contain new Kit Kat® flavors never before seen or tasted by the general public. There will also be a bunch of exclusive, members-only swag to help you show your love for Kit Kat® Flavors.”

To learn more about the office rules of the giveaway, click here! The winners will be chosen at the end of September, so don’t miss out on this sweet opportunity!


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