Join Kids Only Dental & the Candy Buy Back Program to Support Our Military

By Amanda Roland

Do you have a bunch of extra Halloween candy laying around after the past weekend’s festivities? Don’t throw it out! Take it to Kids Only Dental to participate in the annual Candy Buy Back program!

You and your family can turn in your bags of candy and get $1 per pound (up to 5 pounds). Also, the candy you turn in will be sent to the troop in the U.S. Military to show appreciation and admiration for all they do to keep our country safe. Supporting the military is something that is very near and dear to the Kids Only Dental office, as their very own Dr. Mixon is retired Navy.

To donate your candy, visit the Kids Only office. For more details, visit their Facebook page. Call ahead for hours: 352-335-7777

Donations go to Alachua County Military Support Group:

The Halloween Candy Buy Back program took off in 2005 largely because of Dr. Chris Kammer, a founding member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, according to The program was meant to get excess sugar away from children while showing appreciation for U.S. troops serving our country. Since 2005, the program has expanded, and how companies and dental offices across the county participate in this great buy back program.


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