Help Your Kiddos Stay Connected While Social Distancing

By Amanda Roland
help your kids stay connected

Even though kiddos are back in school, whether bring and mortar or virtual, their daily schedules are still very different than before. Maybe they haven’t been able to see their best friends, teammates or grandparents for months on end? Help your kiddos stay connected with their loved ones during this time of social distancing with these ideas!

Facetime Playdates

This is a great way to make sure your children know that their friends and family haven’t gone anywhere! Text the parents of your children’s friends, and see if they would like to set up an hour long playdate for your kids. They can color together, listen to music or paint their nails together just to name a few activities that are doable during FaceTime. For your family, FaceTime grandparent, aunts, uncles and cousins to give your kiddos some virtual family time.

Snail Mail

In the midst of the craziness outside, the postal service is still running! Writing letters and sending them through snail mail is a great way to help your kids stay connected the old fashioned way. Have them sit down and write up a message on some paper or a post card, address and stamp the envelope and take them to the mail box to drop it in! This will teach your kids valuable skills on how to send mail instead of doing everything electronically.

Book Clubs

Now is the perfect time to make book clubs cool again. Have your child find a book that they want to read with their friends, and contact your children’s friend’s parents to see if they want to read the same book in a book club! Help your kiddo create a Skype Group Chat with all of their friends where they can talk about the book. Start by letting them meet twice a week for book club!

Use these ideas to help your kids stay connected with their friends and family during this time of social distancing.

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