Learn How To Sanitize Your Groceries At Home!

By Amanda Roland

Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen MD, a family physician from Grand Rapids, Michigan, posted a video to educate people on how to properly sanitize your groceries so that you and your family can minimize your chances of getting sick. Dr. Vanwingen breaks down some easy procedures that we all can use in the store and in our own home to minimize the spread of coronavirus. Here are his tips to sanitize your groceries after you get home from the grocery store, according to Dr. Vanwingen:

At home:

  • Leave any non-perishable items that you do not need immediately in an elevated place in your garage if possible (toilet paper, paper towels, canned goods, shampoo bottles, etc.)
  • Sanitize your kitchen counter before putting any groceries on the counter. Create a “clean” section of the counter and a “dirty” section.
  • When you first bring your groceries inside, place all your groceries on the “dirty” section of the counter. As you take the groceries out of the bags, sanitize each item immediately before you move them to the “clean” section.
  • Take any boxed goods like crackers or cereals out of the cardboard packaging and store them in the plastic packaging.
  • After all groceries are sanitized and put away, sanitize all surfaces and wash your hands thoroughly.

You can watch Dr. Vanwingen’s full video here for a more detailed explanation on how to shop safely to keep your family healthy!

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