Lines Are Forming Outside of Stores Because of Stay-At-Home Order

By Amanda Roland
Grocery stores

With Alachua County’s recent Stay-At-Home order that went into affect on March 23, stores are now limiting the amount of shoppers allowed into stores at one time. Lines are forming outside of stores because of this new rule.

As frustrating at as it may be to have to stand in a line to get your grocery, it is all for a good reason. Some stores are only allowing 39 shoppers at one time as they try to comply with suggestions from the CDC and the President with hopes of limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Grocery stores along with pharmacies, gas stations, banks, most take out restaurants and more are all considered essential businesses that are allowed to stay open durring this Stay-At-Home order.

Because these lines are forming outside of stores, try going to stores in the morning when they open or later in the evening to try and avoid waiting to get inside.

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