Look Out For A Harry Potter + Vera Bradley Collection This Summer!

By Amanda Roland
Harry Potter + Vera Bradley Collection

Vera Bradley has announced that it will be releasing a Harry Potter + Vera Bradley collection with patterns reflecting each house in Hogwarts this summer.

Because the company was founded by two women, Vera Bradley is emphasizing the strong female characters in Harry Potter with their designs.

“Our company was founded by two women, so we believe wholeheartedly in the magic of sisterhood and the power of a confident woman,” according to the Vera Bradley Website. “Those are things we love about some of our favorite characters, too.”

Being one of the brands most-asked-for collaborations, the bag designers have made sure to add in plenty of hidden surprises in the patterns and they even included a wand pocket in some designs.

Stay tuned for the summer release of the Harry Potter + Vera Bradley Collection by visiting the brand’s website, and if you want to find out your official Hogwarts house, click here!


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