Make Elijah’s Cup Decorated With Yarn For Next Year’s Passover

By Amanda Roland
elijah cup

To bring Passover to a close, here is a craft for your kiddos that they can use for next year’s Passover celebration. Help your kids make their very own Elijah’s Cup decorated with yarn!

Elijah’s Cup


  • Plastic drinking cup with a stem
  • Yarn in various colors
  • craft glue or hot glue
  • Beads, glitter or sequins


Take the plastic drinking cup and connect the cup to the stem. Add some glue to the outside of your cup, and start wrapping yarn around the cup, starting at the stop and wrapping it to the bottom (continue adding glue as you go). When you are done with the yarn, finish decorating the cup with glitter, beads or sequins! Let your kiddo get creative. Set the cup somewhere to dry completely. Now, your kiddo will have their Elijah cup ready for next year’s Passover.


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