Need A Little Magic? Try Just Magical Marshmallows from Lucky Charms™️

By Amanda Roland
Just Magical Marshmallows

Are you in need of a little magic? Luckily, Lucky Charms™️ has brought us something that you didn’t even know you needed! They are called Just Magical Marshmallows.

“Last month, Lucky Charms’ famous marshmallow charms were mysteriously losing their magic, and the only hope in restoring them was to use the power of the special Lucky Charms song: ‘Hearts, Stars, and Horseshoes. Clovers and Blue Moons. Unicorns, Rainbows, and Tasty Red Balloons!’ From coast to coast, families and superfans, including actress Tamera Mowry, came to the rescue, singing the Lucky Charms melody to bring back the magic,” according to a Lucky Charms news release. “Little did they know, they’d create a sound so powerful it would unlock a magical force never seen before – Just Magical Marshmallows!”

This is the first time that Lucky Charms™️ marshmallows have been sold by themselves sans cereal. They are available nationwide at select stores, and you can get a 6 oz. bag for $3.99. Enjoy them with your kiddos!


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