7 New Christmas Cookie Ideas for The Holidays!

By Amanda Roland
christmas cookies

‘Tis the season for baking Christmas cookies! For some, it’s a holiday tradition with your kids, and for others, it’s baking therapy to get yourself ready for the holiday madness. Regardless of the reason why you make Christmas cookies, maybe it’s time to revamp your cookies this year! Check out some of these new and fresh Christmas cookie ideas to make your cookies that much more festive this season!


Snowflake Stars

christmas cookiesFor these cookies, all you need is the cookie dough of your choice (preferably sugar cookie or gingerbread) a star cookie cutter and white royal icing! Cut multiple stars out of your cookie dough, chill and bake as directed. After the cookies have cooled, put your white royal icing into a piping bag fitted with a very small tip. Pipe on a snowflake by making the points of the snowflake follow the points of the star! To make them extra special, sprinkle decorating sugar onto the wet icing to make your snowflakes sparkle! And, remember to make every cookie different because no two snowflakes are the same!


These cookies will transform your classic shortbread cookies into something beautiful. Start with your favorite shortbread cookie dough (or sugar cookie dough), roll it out and cut circles into the dough. On half of the circles, cut out a smaller heart (or star, Christmas tree, snowman) into the circle to make a “window” in the cookie. Chill the dough and bake as directed. After cookies are cooled, spread a thin layer of jam on the full circle cookies. Take the cookies that you cut shapes into and place them on top of the cookies with jam on them. Enjoy your beautiful jammy sandwich cookies with tea and friends!


christmas cookiesEveryone loves sugar cookies around Christmas time, but some recipes can be fairly simple and lacking in flavor. There are so many flavorful ingredients you can add into your sugar cookie recipes to make them a little more tasty and sophisticated.

Dried Cranberries and Orange Zest

This is a classic holiday flavor duo. Chop up dried cranberries, zest two oranges and fold the two ingredients into your cookie dough. Roll your dough into balls or roll out the dough to cut out shapes.


Fold in desiccated coconut into the cookie dough and bake as directed. This won’t add sweetness, but it will add a light, coconut taste to your sugar cookies or shortbread.

Pistachio and Cardamom

Fold finely chopped pistachios and ground cardamom into the cookie dough for a unique taste that will compliment the sweetness of the sugar cookie!


christmas cookies Try dipping your favorite holiday cookies in chocolate to elevate the flavor! This will work with any type of cookie, and you can use any kind of dipping chocolate like dark, milk, white or even rose chocolate!

Use these Christmas cookie ideas to revamp your holiday! The only rule is you must enjoy these cookies with loved ones!

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