New Mulan Film Will Premiere on Disney+, Not In Theaters

By Amanda Roland
premiere on Disney+

After the movie’s red carpet premiere in March (pre-COVID), movie executives held out on the theater premier of Mulan with hopes that theaters would be able to open back up soon. Since the pandemic hasn’t let up, the Mulan film will premiere only on Disney+, but you have to pay extra for it.

The monthly Disney+ fee will not include the new movie. In fact, the streaming service requires a $29.99 rental fee to watch the movie, according to Insider. The good thing is that once you pay the rental fee, you will have access to the movie as long as you are a Disney+ subscriber. While this rental fee may be expensive, it is most likely less expensive than taking your whole family out to the movies – especially when you factor in the price of candy and popcorn.

Mulan will premier or Disney+ on September 4! If you aren’t a Disney+ subscriber yet, click here to learn more about the streaming service.


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