New Terwilliger Elementary School Opens Doors

By Lindsey Johnson
Terwilliger Elementary

On Wednesday, July 28, Myra Terwilliger Elementary School opened its doors in a brand new location off Parker Road. 

Alachua County Public Schools opened a new facility for the first time since the opening of Meadowbrook Elementary in 2012. The new campus replaces the former campus located off SW 62nd Avenue near the Oaks Mall. The new two-story building is impressive, spanning 106,000 square feet and situated on 18 beautiful acres. Each classroom is approximately 760-780 square feet and equipped with audio enhancement, individual bathrooms and connections to other classrooms. With design by Schenkel Shultz Architecture and construction by Parrish McCall, the new facilities are state of the art.

Dr. Carlee Simon, Superintendent of Alachua County Public Schools states, “Schools are a symbol of what we value as communities. This is a high quality learning environment and we are investing in our future.” 

Funding for the new facility came from the Half-Cent for Schools initiative, approved by Alachua County voters in November 2018. This tax is also being used for updates to Bishop Middle School, Metcalfe Elementary and Idylwild Elementary.


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