One-Way Aisles at Publix Are No Longer Required in Most Stores

By Amanda Roland
One-Way Aisles at Publix

Just when we all got used to shopping in one-way aisles at Publix, most Publix locations have done away with this shopping requirement. As of this past week, most Publix locations can go back to normal aisle shopping.

The only Publix locations that are still requiring the one-way aisles are those in Charleston, South Carolina, and Miami-Dade and Broward counties in Florida, according to WCJB TV 20 News.

Before, each aisle had stickers on the floor to direct the flow of traffic in and out of each aisle. This prevented clusters of people shopping in one aisle, and it was a way to make sure shoppers could social distance properly. Even though the one-way aisles at Publix are no longer required, safety requirements like wearing a face covering and staying six feet away from other shoppers still apply in all stores.


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