#ParentHacks: Working From Home with Kiddos

By Amanda Roland
parents working from home

Mid March, our lives took an unexpected turn, as many of us had to pack up our offices and move from the boardroom to the dining room. Not only did we find ourselves working from home, but also our kids came home to finish up their school year. It hasn’t always been easy, but us parents are resourceful and have some tricks up our sleeves to make for smooth sailing days of working from home!

“We hired a nanny 20 hours a week, have grandparents about 10-15 hours a week and school was accomplished all weekend long.”



“Popsicles when you need to make a phone call!”



“Don’t fall into ‘mom shame’ if their new absurd sleep-in schedule works perfectly for your work schedule. Just means later days. That’s all. Do what works for you and your family! They’ll always look back at it like ‘the quirky quarantine days when we ate lunch at 4 p.m.!'”



“Grandparents! We wouldn’t have made it this far through quarantine or as parents in general without my parents willingness to fill in wherever and whenever we needed. It also doesn’t hurt when your husband is a PE coach and loves to play with the kids outside for hours.”



“Outside as much as possible.”



“I work for a 100% remote company, iLS network/ Novi AMS and my husband is in IT at UF. Thankfully we’ve had incredible and flexible understanding employers, but it’s still a challenge. We created a schedule and tried to stick to it. Working around meetings and online learning, we block schedules. One of us takes morning shift to work, one of us afternoon and then we make up some extra hours early morning, evenings together ‘co-working’ and even a few hours on weekends if needed. It’s worked well!”



“Redefining what is ‘urgent’ versus what is important. Prioritizing each day what has to be done, what should be done, what can wait and leaning into the change of each/structure as a positive.”


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