Peanut App: A Meeting Place for Moms

By Lindsey Johnson

Motherhood is wonderful and fulfilling. And sometimes isolating. Many moms crave adult conversation and other parents to share ideas, swap recommendations for daycare and gripe about your lack of sleep.

Meet Peanut, a free app designed to help moms connect and find other like-minded mothers. This app was co-created by the Bumble dating app founder Michelle Kennedy along with her co-creator Greg Orlowski. Similar to dating sites, the app allows moms to browse other moms in their area and swipe up to wave to another mom and swipe down to keep searching. That’s right – there’s now a dating app to search for mommy friends!

What types of information are moms looking for? Depends. Some moms may just be on the hunt for some new gal pals while others may be trying to organize playdates and meetups. Moms may want to connect with other women who have similarly aged children, speak extra languages or hang out at the same venues. Basically any of the things that would attract women to a friend they’d meet first in person.

Moms can also create groups within the app and schedule playdates, outings, or a much-needed mom’s night out. Peanut is a great way for moms to connect and help each other celebrate the joys and shoulder the frustrations of parenthood. It truly takes a village!


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