Queen of Peace Surprises Students with an Academy Pumpkin Patch

By Amanda Roland
pumpkin patch

To lifts the spirits of students during COVID-19, the Queen of Peace Catholic Academy surprised students with an Academy Pumpkin Patch on Thursday, October 8. Brick and mortar students and online students will both have an opportunity to take home a pumpkin!

“Our Principal, Tammie Vassou, has been looking for fun activities for our students that include social distancing in lieu of our regularly scheduled events such as our school wide Halloween Parade. Everyone is working on it and our Administrative Assistant, Amie Dingle came up with the idea of the patch,” according to Darlene Coogan, Director of Community Relations at Queen of Peace. The school will received 800 pumpkins.

The school set up 10-25 minute slots for students to come out by homeroom to pick up their pumpkins at the Academy Pumpkin Patch.

“Our hope is that the surprise will elevate both students and their parents’ spirits during [COVID-19]. We have had to change many of our policies and procedures in order to protect students, teachers and parents,” Coogan said. “By building the surprise patch in the drop off/pick up area everyone will be surprised and it should be super fun!”

Here are some picture of Queen of Peace students who have already received their pumpkins:

Photos provided by Queen of Peace Catholic Academy


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