Setting Up an Obstacle Course in Your Backyard

By Anibal Rodriguez

Summer is finally upon us. If you are like most parents, you are faced with the ever-difficult task of keeping your kiddos entertained during their summer break. And we are not just talking about them fending for themselves playing video games on their tablets or phones. We are talking about those good-old-fashion outdoor activities that can help them balance their everyday routine.

Obstacle Course Fun

What better way to get those youngsters outside in the fresh air than with a fun and engaging obstacle course. What started as a less than $100 dollar “why not gamble” from Amazon turned out to be my daughter’s favorite outdoor activity last summer. There are many options available online for all budgets to get you started. You can get a starter kit and add to them as your children grow and want new challenges and adventures. They are customizable for all skill levels and interests and they are very easy to change around. You just undo the clamp and hang the new item in; it is that simple!

Get Outside

For our family, the ultimate benefit that made our obstacle course a big win for us was that it allowed our kids to get outside to play and be challenged by something new and fun. This alone made our course worth every penny invested. In addition, there was no added pressure to leave the house. Having an obstacle course was a great way to draw friends over to your backyard for socialization and fresh air fun.


Setting up your own obstacle course, here are our favorites! There are many obstacle options to choose from:

• Monkey Bars

• Gymnastic Rings

• Obstacle Net

• Swings

• Monkey Fist

• And much more!

Here are some of the many benefits kids can obtain from an obstacle course:

• Strengthening their core, shoulders and forearms

• Boosting their balance and coordination

• Improving their focus

• Building stamina and confidence

• Boosting their immunity by getting a daily dose of vitamin D from outdoor sunlight

• Getting them outside to play. This is especially important for those of us without easy access to a local park.

• Social interactions with friends that can improve how they cope in a group setting and how to socialize with different personalities with their own opinions.


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