Use These Grocery Shopping Tips During COVID-19

By Amanda Roland
grocery store

Because going to the grocery store is essential, it so important that we know how to shop safely to minimize the chances of getting sick or getting our families sick. Here are some grocery shopping tips to implement into your shopping routine during this COVID-19 pandemic!

Be Understanding Of Others

In this crazy time, most of us are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety. When shopping, be curious to others will the understanding that we are all going through the same thing. While waiting in a long line just to get into the store might put you in a bad mood before you even start shopping, just know that these rules have been put into place for the protection of you and your community. Being kind and empathetic at the grocery store can make everyone’s experience just a little bit easier.

Understand Quantity Limits

In this hard time, a lot of products like milk, pasta, rice, canned foods and toilet paper are in high demand. This has caused some stores to place a limit on how much of one item you can buy. Publix says “Due to unusually high demand and supply shortages, quantity limits per household have been applied to certain products. Additionally, each store has the flexibility to apply product limits based on need.” Understand that this is to ensure everyone has the chance to get the products that they need. If you have a large family, it might be necessary to have two people do the shopping.

Plan Your In-Store Route

When shopping, you want to go as fast as you can to get in and out of the store. The less time spent shopping means the less time you are potentially exposed to sickness. Plan out your shopping list based on department, and don’s “snake” up and down the aisles. Publix has a shopping list maker on their website that can help you shop by department!

Buy Things to Freeze

Frozen items are great because they last a very long time. You can even freeze things like milk, bread, cheese and butter! Also, buying and freezing fresh produce is a great way to make them last longer.

Sanitize Your Groceries ASAP

Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen MD, a family physician from Grand Rapids, Michigan, posted a video to educate people on how to sanitize your groceries when you bring them home so that you and your family can minimize your chances of getting sick. Click here to view those tips, and you can watch Dr. Vanwingen’s full video here for a more detailed explanation on how to shop safely to keep you family healthy!


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