Simple Jello Desserts for Summer

By Giggle Magazine
Jello Desserts

A Dessert That Provokes Jello-sy: Jello is the ultimate snack for the summer, and here at Giggle Magazine you’ll get all the best recipes for them!

I will never forget that one episode of Phineas and Ferb when they filled the pool with Jello mix so they could have a fruity-flavored trampoline. I can’t tell you to do this at home, but I will tell you other cool recipes you can make with your favorite Jello flavors — in rainbow order.



Coming in first is red-hot strawberry flavored Jello. I had this dessert in my roommate’s grandmother’s house, so you’ll want to hear what I have to say.

The strawberry Jello cake requires only three ingredients: Cool Whip, strawberry Jello mix, and fresh strawberries.

Prepare Jello according to package directions and allow it to half-set in the refrigerator. Mix in the Cool Whip once the jello is mixed, place the mixture into a pan, decorate it with strawberries, and leave it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.


For some Southern charm, try the peaches-and-cream Jello dessert. All you need is peach Jello, unflavored gelatin, condensed milk, and peaches. 

The end result looks like a Jello sandwich, since you place the condensed milk and peaches in between two Jello mixes.


Cups are the easiest way to serve guests at a party and lemon mousse Jello cups are the easiest way to do so. 

You’ll need packages of lemon Jello for both the actual Jello and the mousse part, and other than that, you only need heavy whipping cream and powdered sugar. 


Key lime pies are known to be a bit complicated or the best ones seem to only come from The Florida Keys. Thanks to Jello, you can make a Key lime freezer-pie

All you need is lime Jello, Cool Whip, key lime pie yogurt and graham cracker crust. 


As the official color of beach days and clear skies, blue is the color of summer. This blue Jello snack is an edible aquarium

With Nerds at the bottom and gummy sharks at the top, this blue dessert is especially fun for the kiddos! That is, if you’re ready to willingly hand them a cup full of candy — hey, it doesn’t count if it serves a decorative purpose too, right? 


She sells sea shells by the sea shore — or is it a Jello cake that looks a lot like sea glass? Judging by its name, it might seem hard to execute but it actually only requires four ingredients: blue and purple Jello, condensed milk and unflavored gelatin. 

If you make sure each layer sets properly, you’ll have a perfectly mermaid-aesthetic Jello bar! 

Make sure your kiddos always have an adult helping to supervise these Jello creations. Even though all of them are oven-free, boiling water is needed to make Jello.

After writing these recipes down, you’ll have rainbows in the sky and in your tummy all summer!


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