Study Finds That Shoes Can Spread COVID-19

By Amanda Roland
shoes spread COVID-19

A study from the Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal found that COVID-19 could be spread a lot farther than we thought on different surfaces, and our shoes can spread COVID-19 into our homes.

According to the study, air and surface samples were tested in hospital wards housing COVID-19 patients in Wuhan, China. The virus was found to be “widely distributed on floors, computer mice, trash cans, and sickbed handrails.”

The “rate of positivity was relatively high for floor swab samples,” according to the study. As hospital personnel walks about the hospital, the virus can be spread via shoes into other parts of the hospital that house no positive patients.

The same way hospital shoes can spread the virus around a hospital, your shoes can spread COVID-19 into your home. After venturing out into high traffic areas, sanitize your shoes before coming into your house and immediately wash your hands after. This is especially important for healthcare workers after coming home from work. This simple practice could further protect you and your family from getting sick.


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