Support Local Buchholz High School Student in Doodle for Google Contest

By Amanda Roland

Local Buchholz High School student, Chloe, became the state winner for Florida in this year’s Doodle for Google art contest. She is now competing with other states to become one of the five national finalists for the contest.

“I first became interested in art when I was little and always liked art classes,” Chloe said. Her parents recognized her talents when she was in preschool, and she has been drawing, painting and creating multi-media art ever since. Growing up, she attended Millhopper Montessori School and the Queen of Peace Catholic Academy where her love for art was fostered. Now, she likes to learn by taking art classes and watching YouTube tutorials.

Last year, Chloe’s art teacher gave his students an assignment to create a doodle, and that is what originally inspired Chloe to participate in Doodle for Google. “I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to share my art with others,” Chloe said.

Above: Chloe’s Doodle For Google submission, “Helping Hands”


Chloe titled her piece “Helping Hands.” The theme for the Doodle for Google contest this year was “I show kindness by…”, and Chloe said that her piece “highlights the importance of sharing kindness across all races, ethnicities, genders and ages.”

If you want to support Chloe and help her become a national Finalist, it only takes about 20 seconds to vote for her online! Go to, find the “Grades 8-9” section and vote for her doodle representing Florida. While you are there, don’t forget to read her powerful artist statement on why she chose to create her piece. Good luck, Chloe!

First picture: Chloe finding out that she was the state winner for Florida.
Pictures provided by Lisa Greene


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