Giggle's 2021 Education Guide

Giggle’s 2021 Education Guide is Here!

2021 is literally just around the corner, and with the new year comes all kinds of changes and challenges. Some challenges include making decisions about your kiddos' education! We are here to help. Giggle's 2021 Education Guide is your guide to early childhood education, private schools, charter schools and homeschooling in Alachua County. You can

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school be like in 2021

What Will School Be Like in 2021? Florida Waits to Find Out

Many parents are asking themselves, "What will school be like in 2021?," and Richard Corcoran, Florida's Education Commissioner, is working on the answer. A plan to extend the current Emergency Order and remote learning options for schools into 2021 is in the works after a State Board of Education meeting in Tallahassee on Wednesday, November

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girl scout cookie

There’s a New French Toast Girl Scout Cookie Coming in 2021

Girl Scouts just announced that a new Girl Scout Cookie will be added to the line up in 2021! It's called Toast-Yay!™ and it's inspired by the tasty flavors of french toast. "Available in select areas, each delightful, toast-shaped cookie is full of French toast flavor, dipped in delicious icing, and stamped with the iconic

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