Closet Clutter Cleaning: The Hanger Hack

Is your closet in need of a clean-up but you don’t know where to start? We have a simple solution for you! Set aside a few minutes and get your closet on the track to clean in no time!  Rather than spending hours pulling out every single item from the closet, consider this experiment as

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white vinegar

Natural Cleaning With White Vinegar

Are you sick of that nasty carpet stain in the living room? Has your china lost its shine? Are you fed up with the mildew that has been accumulating between the tiles on your bathroom walls? Finding it impossible to remove the water stains from your shower doors? Cleaning with white vinegar can fix all

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Common Household Items

It’s Time To Break Up With Some Common Household Items

Germs are inevitable, and try as we might, we cannot avoid them. We know that exposure to different germs can either strengthen our immune systems or make us sick, and we do our best to invite in the good ones and fight off the bad ones. Unfortunately, many of us have common household items in

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National No Housework Day on April 7th

Put Aside the Chores: April 7 is National No Housework Day! Mark your calendars, but clear your to-do list — April 7 is National No Housework Day. Historically housework has been seen as a task primarily done by women. Wives and mothers stereotypically are the homemakers who do the cleaning, cooking and organizing while the

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Toddler Toys

How to Get Toddler Toys Squeaky Clean

Most toddlers have no trouble collecting a mountain of toys thanks to generous family members and friends. As a parent, it’s your job to make sure their toys stay clean after your kiddo is finished playing with them and (probably) putting them in their mouth. But what do you clean them with? Many cleaners on the market

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Ewww! The Gross Germs that Follow Your Kids Home in Their Backpacks

It is time to go back to school and for most children this means suiting up with a school backpack. The American Occupational Therapy Association reports that more than 79 million students nationally carry backpacks. We know that backpacks are meant to carry books, lunchboxes and other school supplies, but often some unwelcome friends may attach

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bathroom germs

Say Bye, Bye to Bathroom Germs

On the surface, your bathroom might look clean and polished, but you’d be amazed at how many germs are hiding just out of sight. From the toothbrush holder to the bathmat, mildew and bacteria cling to just about everything. While the bathroom might not win for the dirtiest room in the house (the kitchen takes

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Household Items

9 Household Items You’re Forgetting to Clean

There’s nothing better than a fresh pot of coffee to brighten your sleep-ridden eyes and recharge your energy for the day ahead. And there’s nothing worse than raising the porcelain mug to your lips, only for a bitter, gritty sensation to invade your taste buds. When was the last time you cleaned your Keurig? We

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wash a face mask

How Do You Properly Wash a Face Mask?

We're all trying to do our part in flattening the curve of COVID-19, and part of that has included excessive cleaning. Wiping down countertops, disinfecting cars and carrying hand sanitizer at all times are just a few ways to keep clean. But, ever since the CDC recommended we all wear face masks while in public,

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