Delayed Cord Clamping

The terrible twos, the angsty teens, the homesick college student. Parents often look to the clock to characterize the milestones in their children’s life. They spend 18 years nurturing their kin, desperate for them to grow out of their diaper stage yet dread them growing into their licensed-driver era. This time is important. It defines

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delivery service

Learn More About The ‘Newberry Eats’ Delivery Service!

The Parks and Recreation Department in Newberry is doing its part to make sure the Newberry community stays safe during COVID-19 with its "Newberry Eats" delivery service. There are many restaurants in Newberry that are still open for pick-up and delivery, and the city has even developed a "Newberry Eats" delivery service that will deliver

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A Guide to Birthing Plans

Being pregnant and going into labor can be daunting, but crafting a carefully laid out birth plan can help alleviate some of these fears and help you concentrate on what is the most important thing during labor: bringing your child into the world safely. Birth plans are a useful tool to help stimulate conversations with

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