Pests Be Gone With These DIY Natural Bug Repellents!

Looking to get rid of those pesky, winged, eight-legged or sometimes scaly house guests? Here are a few DIY bug repellent solutions for you to try around your house! Get Rid of Ants Make a 50/50 mixture of water and white vinegar, and pour it into a clean spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the areas where you have seen ants marching around. The vinegar will naturally

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Buying vs. Renting

How Do You Decide Between Buying vs. Renting?

In today’s world, we have the option to rent just about anything. From homes to cars to clothes and accessories, we have endless options. But when is it best to buy? And is renting ever the better option? Let's discover the pros and cons of buying vs. renting. Your home Buying a home might seem

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Introducing Baby to Your Pet

Our pets are typically in tune with us and are aware when our lives begin to change, including the impending arrival of a new baby. If you are expecting the arrival of a new bundle of joy, you will want to get your pet ready and ensure you have a plan in place for their

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Birthing Baby at Home: A Tale of Two Moms

When Jenny Hill was pregnant with her first daughter 12 years ago, she toured the prospective hospital where she would give birth and began to have doubts on what she wanted from her delivery experience. The setting felt too clinical and constrained for what she personally wanted for the birth of her first child.  Before

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#BossMom: Meet Brandi Parker

Meet Brandi Parker, Wife to Travis Parker, Mom to Ava (7) Where do you work and what do you do? Tell us a bit about it. What are some of your goals with it?  I became a nurse in 2011 and currently work as the director for an Ambulatory Surgery Center. I love my job

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6 Subtle Signs of Major Home Problems

Have you ever noticed small imperfections around your house but let them go until it's too late? Check out these six subtle signs you should not ignore!  1 - Bulging or Peeling Paint If interior paint starts to show bulges, cracks or peeling, it’s possible there’s a leak behind the wall that needs to be addressed.

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College Freshman

15 Essentials for Dorm or Apartment Life

Preparing for your child to head off to college can not only be heartbreaking but, as many parents before you know, it can also break the bank! The list of must haves seems to grow daily as you prepare them for the rite of passage of living on their own, bunking in a dorm with

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protect your home

Protect Your Home During the Summer Months

The temperature is rising. The humidity is surrounding you. You feel the warmth on your face (as always) and the bugs are starting to bite. Summer is here! Florida’s blistering summer months can be an exhausting collection of sweat, rosy cheeks, sunburns and mosquito bites — all of which are seemingly unavoidable unless you permanently

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keeping your home safe

Keeping Your Home Safe From the Outside In

“You never know what you’ll do until it happens to you.” While this sentiment might be true for some scenarios, when it comes to keeping your home safe from burglary, there’s plenty you can do to prevent a home invasion. According to the FBI, a household burglary happens every 14.4 seconds for a total of 3.7

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moving out

Out With the Old: What to Keep and What to Purge When Moving Out

The day has finally arrived. You and your family have busted the seams of your home and it is time to move to a bigger house. You put your house on the market, it sells, you find the perfect new home with the swimming pool and basketball court (MOM SCORE!) and just like that, you

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