DIY laundry folder

Make an Easy DIY Laundry Folder!

Let's be honest – nobody really likes to do laundry! And most people consider folding the laundry to be the worst part. Luckily, there is an invention that you can make at home that makes folding laundry as easy as 1, 2, 3! Make a DIY Laundry Folder! With just a few supplies that you

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Tips on Laundry

So Fresh and So Clean: Fun Facts and Tips For Laundry

Laundry is a chore that you can teach to children as young as preschool age! We have fun facts and tips for laundry that you can use with your kiddos! Explain to all kids this five-step method (Chuck, Clean, Dry, Fold and Put Away). You can even make it a fun song for your kids

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When Should Your Child Do Their Own Laundry?

Do you remember when you started doing your own laundry? Did you learn in middle school? Or did you figure it out on your own once you moved out of the house? Figuring out when a child should start doing their own laundry has always been up for debate. There’s no universal parenting rulebook to

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