Should I Keep a Gradebook?

The freedom we enjoy as homeschoolers is great, but it comes with a host of decisions to make. One of the most common is the decision to keep a gradebook or not. The answer to that question is not a straightforward one, and that’s a good thing. Unlike some states, Florida does not require homeschoolers

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Nature Notebooks: Take Learning Outside

One of the joys of homeschooling is the luxury of extra time to spend with your children during the day. This includes getting to enjoy all that the Gainesville area has to offer each and every day. We are blessed with many parks, trails, and even our backyards that provide us with fun, engaging, and

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The Cincinnati Zoo

7 Virtual Field Trips for Your Kids

As our schools take precautionary measures for our safety, we find ourselves restless at home, immersed in cabin fever. Beat boredom during this social distancing spat by taking your kids on some virtual field trips! NASA The famous space station’s Langley Research Center offers an all-encompassing experience for science lovers. Explore 360 images and learn

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