Sleep Train Your Baby

3 Ways to Sleep Train Your Baby

New parents receive so much unsolicited advice regarding sleep and their newborns. From “never wake a sleeping baby” to “wake the baby every two hours to eat” it can get pretty confusing. Add to that your exhaustion, and who has time to research the best way to get your baby to sleep? We’ve broken down

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nighttime fears

Help Your Child Cope With Nighttime Fears

Monsters, darkness and ghosts are among the top 10 fears of children, according to “Fears Stress and Trauma: Helping Children Cope” by Edward Robinson. In his book, Robinson reports that these nighttime fears are a normal part of a child’s development. They typically start at a young age and may last until middle school. If

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Why Do Teens Sleep Till Noon?

Your daughter used to scurry to your bedroom door at a ripe 6 a.m. and peer inside at your sound asleep self. Without hesitation, her mouse-like tendencies would turn feline and she'd pounce — jolting you awake in hopes that you'd play with her. Your son used to greet the sunrise with the boisterous vroom-vroom

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