swimmers ear

Tips for Treating Swimmer’s Ear

You know that annoying moment when you’re having a fun day at the pool and you jump out only to find that you have water stuck in your ear? You awkwardly shake your head around and whack your ear from the other side to get the water out, but no luck. Not only can the

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Stay Safe in the Summer Heat

How to Stay Safe in the Summer Heat

It’s no secret that the Florida heat can be brutal. However, that doesn’t mean your kids have to be stuck inside all day. There are fun ways to get outside and stay safe in the summer heat! Go Early The mornings are the perfect time to get outside before the hottest time of day. Try

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Splash The Mid-Summer Heat Wave Away!

If you’re a Florida resident like me, you know how tough this season can be on us or any visitor. Florida has splash parks all over to help us beat the heat.  By Sarah Correa-Dibar Whether you live in a pool-less house, you don’t want to plan an intricate beach day, or your neighborhood doesn’t

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tweens on the water

Fishing for Fun: Engaging Your Tween on the Water

With that in between state from sweet and innocent kid to hormone raging teen, finding things to do with a crabby teen can cause any parent to go bonkers and running for the hills! However, summer is here! While many camps are out of commission this year, fresh air and Florida's amazing water ways are

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