The Do’s and Don’ts of a Stay-At-Home Order

By Amanda Roland
family outside

A Stay-At-Home order can seem very scary at first, but don’t worry! Here are the do’s and don’ts of a Stay-At-Home order!


  • Go outside! Remember this isn’t a lockdown.
  • Go to the grocery story to get necessities! Don’t forget to stock up on things that will last a while in pantry like canned tuna, potatoes, onions, soups, dark chocolate… and wine!
  • Go to help take care of another person or pet in another home
  • Buy from local businesses to have food delivered. (Support local business!!!)
  • Go to the pharmacy to get medicines.
  • Fill up your tank at the gas station
  • Get some fresh air by going for a walk or run with the family outside. Most public parks are still open! (try to stay 6 feet apart from others)
  • If you work at an essential business, you can still go into work.


  • Gather in groups larger than 10
  • Go to the mall or other retail stores (check to see if they have online shopping)
  • Go to bars or sit-down restaurants
  • Go to work at a non-essential business (unless you work from home)
  • Go to the gym
  • Throw a block party
  • Have play dates with other families

Hopefully these Do’s and Don’ts of a Stay-At-Home order will make this all seem a little less scary! Explore for ways to keep your whole family entertained while you are all at home!

* This list was influenced by WCJB.


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