The Joy of Newborn Motherhood: Nichole Rivera and Yair Garcia

By Amanda Roland
Nichole Rivera

The joy of newborn motherhood. Nichole Rivera shares her stories and experiences of what it’s like to raise a newborn baby.

Nichole Rivera and Yair Garcia

BABY’S AGE/BIRTHDAY: 3 months/ 1-13-20

SPOUSE NAME: Enrique Garcia

Nichole Rivera is now the proud mommy to three children and shares that each baby and pregnancy was quite different. “Even though we think we might know everything, especially when we have multiple kids, I now know every birth and experience is different. A new baby at home brings all sorts of emotions. Including the other kids and still being a good wife was or is extremely challenging some days.”

Since welcoming Yair to the world in January, Rivera is surprised that this time around she isn’t anxious to return back to work. “I love my job and when I had my other kids I was ready to get back to work. But with my new little one I find myself not wanting to do anything but spend time with him.” For Rivera, this time in motherhood has been wonderful and she enjoys the time that she has watching him grow and discover himself and his family have been a treat.

Her advice for new moms? “If you have friends and family willing to help, let them. Take a rest while you can. Even do house work, spend time with your kids or spouse while everyone is willing to help. Hold your baby, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re holding him too much or let that baby cry. They just came out of a world where they were warm and didn’t need to cry to ask for anything. Be his comfort even if it spoils him a bit.”

Nichole motherhood

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