The Joy of Newborn Motherhood: Wea Sto Domingo and Eliza Jean

By Amanda Roland
Wea Sto Domingo

The joy of newborn motherhood. Wea Sto Domingo shares her stories and experiences of what it’s like to raise a newborn baby.

Wea and Eliza Jean Sto Domingo

BABY’S AGE/BIRTHDAY: 4 months old / 11-27-19

SPOUSE NAME: Benjo Sto Domingo

“Challenging but rewarding” is how mom of two Wea Sto Domingo describes her adventures in parenting now that 3-month-old Eliza has joined her 5-year-old brother Eliseo “Eli” James. According to Sto Domingo, “Having a new baby and a 5-year-old boy plus having to find time to complete an 8-hour job requires a lot of juggling.”

“I am just blessed to have a husband who is very supportive and does not mind doing the cooking,” said Sto Domingo. In addition, she has a supportive employer who allows her to work from home and according to her, even with all the juggling, “it brings so much joy and pride to be able to raise these two kids who mean the world to us.”

With Eliza being her second child, Sto Domingo learned a lot of what motherhood and having a newborn was like from her first go around. However, even with that, all babies and experiences are different. Even though both babies were delivered by c-sections in the hospital Sto Domingo said, “The second delivery was way different from my first. They are both c-sections, but the first was an emergency one and I was out the entire time. This time it was scheduled. It was so weird that you knew you were being cut. A lot of apprehensions. And when I heard that cry for the first time, it was so moving!”

When asked what advice she has for other new moms, she said “Breastfeeding may be hard, but do not give up whether there’s not much supply or because there’s too much work involved in it. It is very rewarding to watch your little one getting all the nutrition from that gold milk!”