5 Family-Friendly At-Home Workouts

By Amanda Roland
family-friendly workouts

Exercising and staying fit is something that everyone can do to stay healthy — including your kiddos! These family-friendly at-home workouts are perfect for a workout session that will get everyone moving. Try these workouts to make sure you and your family stay as healthy as possible.


Want to get your heart rate up? Start in a push-up position on the ground. Quickly bring your legs in and jump up towards the sky. After you jump, go back to the ground to the push-up position. Repeat this move for 1 minute, taking 30 minute breaks in between sets.


Turning cartwheels can be a great form of cardio! Make a game out of this exercise by seeing who can do the most cartwheels in a row! (Parents, you might want to stretch really well before this one)


This exercise has a fun name that will get your kiddos interested. From a standing position and reach down to touch your toes. Walk your hands on the ground away from you until you are in a push-up position. Now, walk you feet up towards your hands and stand up again. Repeat this exercise for 1 minute, taking 30 second breaks in between. (This is also a great way to stretch your legs and back)

Squat Jumps

This is the perfect move to get out all that extra energy. Start in a standing position and jump into a squat. Do a full squat making sure to keep your legs at 90 degree angle. From your squat, jump back up into a standing position. Repeat this fast-paced workout for 1 minute, taking 30 minute breaks.


Everyone is a super hero when they do this exercise! Lay down on the ground facedown. Use your back and glute muscles to lift your legs and arms up off the ground. You will look and feel like superman while working out your back muscles! To make this a challenge, see who can hold this position the longest!

You and you family should have a lot of pent up energy from being inside all day. Use these family-friendly at-home workouts to get out of the house and get moving!


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