UK Mom Creates a Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt During COVID-19

By Amanda Roland
scarecrow scavenger hunt

Midst the COVID-19 lockdown, Kay Harris, a mom from the United Kingdom, had the idea to create a scarecrow scavenger hunt around her village for her daughter Amelia’s lockdown birthday party. What started as a small idea quickly became much bigger, as there are now more than 200 scarecrows decorating the yards and houses of community members in her area!

Harris lives in a “traditional English village with countryside pubs, farms, people know you in the butchers and shops. It’s that kind of place,” Harris said. After speaking with some local friends and relatives, the plan was for everyone to set up a scarecrow in their yard for Amelia to find during her daily walk on her birthday.

scarecrow scavenger hunt

“At the time, I thought about 10 people, 15 maybe would do it around our village,” Harris said. “Quite amazingly, by Saturday I had about 40 scarecrows from people and the numbers just went up and up.”

As the number of scarecrows grew, Harris made a “Winterbourne Scarecrow Trail 2020” Facebook page that now has over 1,000 members! On this page, Harris has made a scarecrow scavenger hunt map that she is asking donations for.

scavenger hunt map

“I am asking for donations for the map I’ve made (I’ve set up a GoFundMe page) which will go towards our local primary school to improve their playground and library for when they are finally allowed back to school,” Harris said.

scarecrow scavenger hunt

If you feel inspired by Harris’ story, start your own scavenger hunt in your neighborhood or community to keep the community connected during COVID-19.


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