Use Left Over Easter Eggs to Make Matching Games

By Amanda Roland
Easter egg matching games

Plastic Easter eggs can be used for so many things, and one way to recycle them is to use them to make matching games! Look below to learn how to make them!

Matching Games

Teach your kiddos their uppercase and lowercase letters with this DIY learning game! You can also extend this idea to telling time, spelling, or anything else you can think of!

Separate the bottom and top halves of the eggs. On each of the bottom halves, use the Sharpie to write a letter of the alphabet in lowercase. On each of the bottom halves, write a letter of the alphabet in uppercase. Once the eggs have dried, let your little one try to match the uppercase and lowercase letters together! To make this game more of a challenge, write the uppercase and lowercase versions of one letter on different color Easter egg halves.


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