Visit 31 National Parks in the U.S. Virtually on Google Earth

By Amanda Roland

As another week of social isolation comes around, you might start to run out of things to do. If you are looking for something to keep the kiddos entertained, how about some educational and visually pleasing screen-time? Head over tho Google Earth! You can visit 31 National Parks in the U.S. virtually — you don’t even have to leave the living room.

To virtually explore these national parks, download the Google Earth app on your phone, or launch it on your desktop! Once you have Google Earth, you have access to many guided tours! You can search through 31 National Parks in the U.S. virtually, and you can also explore different countries and notable sites. Use this virtual exploration to show your children places they have never even heard of before. And, have them write down places that spark their interest so that you have some family vacation ideas for later in the year!

Since there are 31 national parks to choose from, have each member of your family pick a park that they want to explore that day so that everyone gets a turn. This could turn into a great after-dinner family activity. Or, for the older kids, turn it into a game by playing a guided tour and having them guess which national park they are seeing.

Don’t let the coronavirus squash your family’s desire to see the world! After you have finished exploring the 31 national parks, start venturing into other countries and see all that Google Earth has to offer.

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