Visit the New Insect Exhibit at the Florida Museum

By Amanda Roland
Florida Museum

Do you have any little bug enthusiasts at home? If so, there is a new insect exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History that you have to visit with your family.

The exhibit is called “Invisible Insects: Helping Florida’s Declining Insect Populations.” Visitors can get up-close and personal with some of Florida’s most unique bugs! You can enjoy real specimens and high-resolution images that showcase some of the state’s tiniest wildlife and highlights their importance as pollinators, according to a Florida Museum press release.

“The museum also opened a new special gallery that showcases the work of future nature photographers who took part in the Florida Museum’s virtual youth photography program over the summer, in partnership with local community centers,” according to the press release. “The gallery consists of 49 images, all taken during the month-long program in July 2020.”

To plan your visit to the Florida Museum of Natural History, click here! To check out their exhibits, click here!

Photo 1: ©Kristen Grace/Florida Museum
Photo 2: ©Photo courtesy of Jonathan Bremer


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