Wake Your Kids Up with These Heart-Shaped Breakfast Foods

By Amelia Bowles
Heart-shaped pancakes

There’s nothing better than waking up to the smell of fresh bacon, pancakes, eggs and other breakfast foods in the morning. Unless it’s Valentine’s Day, and those breakfast foods are shaped like hearts. Helping your child start the day off right, with a little extra love, isn’t as hard as you might think. With these simple tips for heart-shaped foods, you can make their Valentine’s Day mornings just a bit sweeter.

Pancakes & waffles

Place a heart-shaped pancake mold or cookie cutter (for mini pancakes) on the pan. Pour the batter into the mold, making sure that all of the edges are flat on the pan so that none of the batter leaks out. You can also make a mold by folding a sheet of tin foil longways until you have a strip that is about an inch wide. Then, fold the strip in half to make the tip of the heart. Curve the sides around to create the shape. Make sure to overlap the ends slightly so the batter doesn’t leak. If your child is more a fan of waffles, make a regular waffle, top with whipped cream and place chocolate chips or berries in the shape of a heart.  


Fold the bacon in half and curve the ends into the shape of a heart, place on a baking sheet and bake as you normally would.


Use a knife or heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut the shape of a heart in a slice of bread. Melt butter in a pan, place the slice of bread in the pan and crack an egg into the heart. Cook as you would normally prepare a fried egg. Make sure to flip the egg and bread so that both sides of the bread are toasted.


Using a knife, cut a V-shape on the top of the strawberry. Make sure to cut away all of the stem and leaves. Then, cut the strawberry in half, perpendicular to the V-shape that you made.


Place muffin or cupcake liner into the muffin baking sheet. Roll small pieces of tin foil into balls. Place them in between the side of the tin and the side of the liner so that one side of the liner is indented. Fill the liners with batter and bake as you normally would.

This Valentine’s Day, try making heart-shaped food. Surprise your child with a fun, heart-filled twist on their favorite breakfast foods, making the day a little extra special and giving them a morning that they can’t help but love.

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